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[dir] BeOS apps 15.5 MB 2012-Oct-18  
[dir] BeOS Screenshots 2.4 MB 2012-Oct-18  
[dir] N64 pics 6.7 MB 2012-Oct-18  
[jpg] Lain_tida.jpg 582.0 KB 2007-Dec-25  
[swf] muhahahaha.swf 1.6 MB 2007-Dec-04  
[jpg] myNESgames.JPG 2.3 MB 2008-Apr-29  
[png] Sign.png 250.2 KB 2009-May-14  
[txt] snes_to_nes_controller.txt 7.4 KB 2009-Feb-13  
5 Files - 3 Folders Total size: 29.2 MB    
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